Redundancy in the Workplace

During my first year of college, I noticed (mainly my mom) how expensive textbooks were because she paid for them. Most classes had homework software that you had to buy separately, not to mention how heavy they were to carry around. I thought to myself, their must be an easier way.

Smart Reporting or Dashboards

Let’s think of a world where everything you needed or cared to know about your business was in the palm of your hand. Maybe this is income, payroll expenses, or net income. Rather than looking at financial statements or certain month en numbers to figure this out, you could get

Advances in Technology

Utilizing the advances in technology can help your business provide real-time data and increase your productivity.

8 Tips to Maintain Healthy Cyber Security

In the current era of online communications, information security has become a high priority concern for all organizations. As they say, “Any chain is as strong as its weakest link.” Any non-compliance with information security policies could jeopardize your organization r

Securing Your Financial Information

Are you worried about getting your identity stolen? Are you doing everything you can to make sure that your financial information is safe? As your accountant, BWTP P.C. takes every precaution to ensure the safety of your financial information. Even the most strict security procedures