PPP Loan Forgiveness Applications on Hold Until at least August 10

The SBA is not accepting forgiveness applications until August 10, 2020, and this date will be subject to extension if any new legislative amendments to the forgiveness process necessitate changes to the system. Further, final Treasury guidance concerning PPP Forgiveness Applications,

PPP Loan Application Deadline Extended to August 8, 2020

The President recently signed into law legislation to extend the application deadline for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) from June 30 to August 8. As of June 30, approximately $130 billion of the $659 billion program was still unused. Unless the money can be repurposed by Congr

PPP Loan Forgiveness Expense Tracker

As a reminder, the deadline to apply for a PPP loan is June 30, 2020, if you have not previously applied or received a loan. As previously noted the original 8-week covered period has been revised to a 24-week period, allowing additional time for the PPP Loan Proceeds to be used to ma

PPP Loan Update: 8 Weeks Extended to 24 Weeks! – June 4, 2020

Yesterday the Senate passed the PPP modifications that the House passed last week. Due to the overwhelming bipartisan support, the modifications are expected to be signed by the President. Below is a summary of the changes to the program. These modifications to the program require a n

House Passes Bill That Would Relax PPP Forgiveness Requirements – May 29, 2020

BWTP wants to keep you informed of potential changes in the PPP Loan Program. The following description of legislation that passed the House must now go to the Senate before it is final, but it appears that changes may be forthcoming.