IRS To Focus on Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

Employers: If you’ve elected to operate your 401(k) plan under the tax law’s safe harbor rules, you’ll be interested to know the IRS has a new audit initiative focused on plans like yours. The project stems from a 2010 compliance check that led the IRS to believe many employers may no

A Look at Spending Patterns in Retirement

Preparing to take the retirement plunge in the not-too-distant future? If you are, then you’ll want to have a good handle on whether your savings and other sources of income will be adequate to support the lifestyle you envision. Anticipating what your post-retirement expenses will be

Avoid These Traps When Moving IRA and Retirement Plan Assets

It pays to be careful when moving money from one traditional individual retirement account (IRA) to another or from an employer’s retirement plan to an IRA. Unless you follow certain guidelines, you may find yourself paying taxes on what could have been a tax-free transaction. 60-day

Don’t Retire Without and Income Strategy

Once you retire, you’ll be ready to start using those savings you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. Adopting a random approach of simply withdrawing the amount you need for the year’s living expenses is risky. It’s far better to have a plan for making your money last. Here are some pot