Roth IRA Strategy for High Earners

Have you been locked out of contributing to a Roth individual retirement account (IRA) by the tax law’s income limits? There may be a way you can get around those limits and invest in a Roth IRA. Why Consider a Roth IRA? Unlike a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA offers the potential for ta

Caution: This Estate Includes IRD

Here’s a fictional story you may find interesting if you’re planning your estate. Ted’s Tale Ted was a successful executive. He had a large estate when he died, all of which he left to his two children, Tina and Tom. Under Ted’s estate plan, Tina will receive land valued at $1 million

Saving for Retirement — Tax Benefits Can Help

Setbacks in the financial markets and a long road to economic recovery haven’t made the job of saving for retirement any easier. But if you have a 401(k) or similar retirement savings plan at work, there is some good news: The basic tax benefits you receive as a plan participant are s

Year-end FINANCIAL TIPS for 2012

We’ll be ringing in a new year in just a few months. Before that happens, take a little time to review your financial situation. Following is alist of items  that may deserve your attention.   INVESTMENTS   Review the year’s investment transactions in your taxable accounts to see wher

Saving for Retirement When You’re Self-employed

You’re in good company if retirement security is one of your main financial concerns. A difficult economy, market volatility, and less access to traditional pensions have heightened awareness of the need for retirement planning. As a self-employed individual, you really have to