How The New Tax Law May “Drive” Your Decision Making

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act revamped tax depreciation in several ways, one in particular being the way vehicle depreciation limits are calculated. Below is a summary of the vehicle depreciation limits prior to the new tax law vs. the vehicle depreciation limits under the new tax law. Pl

Record Retention

As a business, you are required to keep documents for a period of time. These records can take up a lot of storage; whether that be in your office or on your computer hard drive. The general rule of for record retention is seven years, with some exceptions. Below are some recommended

Time is Almost up on Depreciation Tax Breaks

Will you be needing new equipment (or other fixed assets) for your business in the near future? From a tax standpoint, it would be wise to decide soon. Bye-bye Bonus Depreciation If you postpone your purchases until next year, you’ll miss out on a bonus first-year depreciation d