Risks and Rewards of Over-billing in Construction

In Percentage of Completion Project Accounting, two terms are frequently used – over-billing and under-billing. Both of these concepts are well known to construction industry accounting professionals, but may not be so well known to others. We want to take this opportunity to di

Tips for Internal Control for Your Business

Does your company apply the right internal controls? Are you separating your controls by authority, custody and record keeping?   Below are four great, simple internal control practices you can use to minimize risk in a cost-effective manner. These practices will establish an env

5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Finances

According to surveys, only 24 percent of millennials demonstrate basic financial knowledge. There are many reasons for that lack of knowledge: Some of that information comes with life experience, and some of it is facts that would have traditionally been taught in a home economics or
Tax deduction

Relocating for Work? Don’t Forget the Moving Expense Tax Deduction

Did you know that if you move to take a new job, you can deduct most of the expenses on your tax return? This applies whether or not your employer is offering any relocation benefits. What Moves Count? There are three tests you must meet to be eligible to deduct moving expenses. Relat

What Does a Small Business Audit Involve?

An audit typically means you will face one or more days of interviews and a review of records. If you are facing a small business audit, organize your records and speak to your accountant. You should also talk to a tax attorney familiar with your business dealings and financial situat