Internal Control Analysis

The sluggish economy and fluctuations in the stock market have dominated the financial news.  As financial pressures mount, your business becomes a target for embezzlement.  Many companies are not aware that the scope of a typical accounting or tax engagement does not include specific services relating to the detection or disclosure of employee fraud.

When proper policies and consistent procedures are not in place, employees can learn to manipulate the accounting system to their benefit and embezzle money from your company.  The best way to protect your assets is to recognize and improve weakness in your internal control procedures and accounting policies.

Our Certified Fraud Examiner can analyze your current internal controls and possibly identify weaknesses that could allow for embezzlement or theft.  We can provide recommendations to help you develop and implement the proper internal controls to minimize risk in the future.

At BWTP P.C., we can assist you with:

  • Providing analyses of processes and procedures to determine where risks of embezzlement exist
  • Provide recommendations on how to reduce the risk of embezzlement
  • Train management and staff on procedures to reduce risk
  • Demonstrate how small changes and a few extra minutes a day can greatly improve your internal controls
  • Provide education to business owners, groups, organizations or clubs regarding the most common embezzlement schemes and how to reduce the risk of their occurrence in your business