Embezzlement Detection

There is no disputing embezzlement cases are on the rise.  Employees are under greater financial pressure, and business owners do not always possess the time or ability to detect fraud.  Our Certified Fraud Examiner can investigate allegations or suspicions of embezzlement.

We can examine the financial activity in your business, analyze your records, determine if embezzlement has or is occurring and determine the amount of loss.  We work with law enforcement, attorneys and insurance companies to assist you with bringing your case to resolution.

BWTP P.C. will:

  • Investigate allegations or suspicions of embezzlement
  • Perform analyses to check if embezzlement may be occurring
  • Obtain, compile and document evidence
  • Calculate losses
  • Provide a report of our findings
  • Work with law enforcement agencies and attorneys and assist in all aspects of the case from inceptions to prosecution
  • Work with your insurance company regarding reimbursement of losses


At BWTP P.C., we can also provide quarterly or annual analyses of financial activity in your business to determine the likelihood of embezzlement occurring in your business.  We can provide:

  • Periodic monitoring services
  • Documentation of detection program and techniques
  • Development of measurement procedures