Tip: Why Vacations are Important

The unrelenting pace of life is a reality for many people. Mobile technology keeps us connected 24/7, and the workday seems to have no end. Sometimes we tell ourselves we can’t justify taking time off to rest and rejuvenate. Too much of this kind of thinking can seriously damage our h

Fill Your IRA & 401(k) to the Brim

Some people say that 50 is the new 30. Living longer and healthier lives might make you feel young if you are 50, but your retirement account begs to differ. Anyone who’s turning 50 or older on or before Dec. 31 is allowed to make retirement catch-up contributions starting that year.

Yes, You Can Lower Your Property Taxes

You can pay off your mortgage—never again seeing a bill from the bank for principal or interest—but you can never pay off your property taxes. Additionally, property taxes, unfortunately, only seem to go one way – UP! While you’ll never be able to get rid of your property taxes entire

Technology: Automakers & Cybersecurity Pros Collaborate to Tackle Growing Threat

Over the past few years, Internet-connected vehicles have become the norm. Accordingly, cybercrooks have turned their attention to cars and trucks, looking for ways to gain access to vehicular navigational systems and to hack into drivers’ smart phones and tablets. Last year, recogniz