Tip: Employee Retention is a Big Issue for Small Businesses

“Our employees are our biggest asset.” It’s a well-worn phrase, and perhaps to some it’s just lip service. However, more employers and human resource professionals are recognizing the true cost of employee turnover because lower unemployment (4.6 percent currently) and rising salaries

Technology: What Impact Will the Repeal of Online Privacy Laws Have on You?

The recent repeal of an Obama-era law that would have required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to obtain users’ permission before sharing their personal data with marketers and other third parties has created dissent within the technology sector. Not surprisingly, major ISPs like AT

Tip: What the Fed’s Rate Hike Means for Small Businesses

The Federal Reserve’s mid-March hike to interest rates – its second increase to base interest rates in three months – was a strong confirmation that the economy is doing well. The Fed had kept interest rates at historically low levels in order to support a recovery after the recent re

What Is Reflation and How Does It Affect Investors?

After four years of inflation rates just at or below two percent, many economists believe America has finally entered a period of reflation. Reflation is the turning point and first phase of economic growth toward increased inflation. Much of the recent impetus comes from the new admi