Congress at Work: Promoting Jobs for Government Contractors, Women, Vets and More…

The Congress at Work series of articles is designed to give you a glimpse of various types of legislation currently under consideration. While either the Senate or the House of Representatives may initiate a bill proposal, be aware that many bills never become law; they may never make

Life Insurance for Solving Middle-Age Financial Priorities

The older we get, the more financially complicated our lives become. It seems like one day we wake up and we have a mortgage, ongoing home repair and maintenance demands, a 401(k) plan siphoning money from our paychecks, two to four cars in the driveway, two or more children headed fo

Technology: Major Trends at CES

Industry gurus and eager consumers often face a tough task separating breakthrough trends from over-hyped gimmicks amidst the clamor and marketing frenzy that characterizes the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Opinions vary concerning the products, but here are som

Stock Market: Romp or Rout? The Markets Under a Trump Presidency

The biggest question on Wall Street is whether the Trump Presidency will be good (or bad) for investors. The year started with confidence as the Dow Jones Industrial Average overtook the 20,000 mark, but many questions remain on how President Trump will address international trade and