Can You “Trump” the IRS Under the President-Elect’s Proposed Tax Plan?

President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda places tax changes as a high priority item. Some of the proposed changes are a radical departure from where the tax code stands now and will significantly impact both individuals and businesses. Keep in mind that the proposals outlined below are j

Tax Planning Guide for 2017

This 2017 personal tax planning guide aims to provide you with information and planning tips to assist you in understanding and making the most of the laws affecting your tax situation. Using the guidance in this article will help ensure that you retain the tax benefits to which you a

Stock Market: Trump’s Election Creates Ups and Downs

Long before Donald Trump’s election victory, individual investors were already concerned about market uncertainties, Europe and the global economy. Prior to Trump’s surprise election, stocks declined only to surge again once the results were in. It’s safe to say that the election’s ou