Ratio Analysis for Not for Profits

Using ratio analysis to manage your not-for-profit organization has become more popular. There are a set of ratios that help managers and board members evaluate the liquidity, operations, and spending of the organization. It is important for those managers and board members to be able

What to do if Your Patient Overpays

If an overpayment ends up on your patient's account, follow these steps to help to correctly determine what should be done with the overage.

Employee vs. Independent Contactor

An employer may pay an independent contractor and an employee for the same or similar work, but there are important differences between the two with potentially costly consequences. Read to find out more.

Surprised by Your 2018 Tax Bill?

With the massive overhaul to the code in 2018, many filers are finding out that their tax situation has changed. The IRS has announced that it will waive the underpayment penalty for taxpayers who paid at least eighty-five percent of their total tax liability during calendar year 2018

Should I Cash Out My 401(k) or Roll it Over?

When a participant in a 401(k) Plan terminates employment, there are typically a few options they have regarding what to do with their plan. Take a cash distribution – This is a taxable event (assuming all funds are pre-tax funds). The plan will automatically withhold 20% for fe