Angela Pratt, RDH, BSBA

“My passion is to assist dental practices in rediscovering their confidence to deliver the highest standard of care while gaining new insights of a purpose driven, health dedicated business team.”

BWTP has continued to deliver results to our dental practices  for over 30 years. Also combined with over 30 years as a dental assistant, business coordinator, practicing dental hygienist, Practice Administrator and educator for both solo and multi-provider practices, Angela Pratt, RDH, BSBA has joined our team or professionals to allow us to deliver even more individualized services to our clients.

Angela Pratt is committed to the enhancement of professional, proficient, profitable and client-driven dental teams. She is dedicated to training team members to practice as health-dedicated professionals that adopt vital attributes for long team success.

It doesn’t matter if you practice general dentistry or specialized care, you and your team deserve the optimum most valuable and comprehensive professional services available on the market. Especially with the hardship our country currently suffers through, your team and practice does not have to accept, “It’s just the economy”. And if you’re planning a practice transition, to enhance your current team or just beginning with a new dentist practice start-up, Angela can take your practice and business from good to great! Regardless of your position, confidence in knowing and receiving solid business results is vital and undoubtedly deliverable.


Experienced In The Trenches of Today’s Dental Practices

Angela’s experience and understanding of people enables her to balance the specific needs of hygienists, patients, doctors and staff, creating a profitable, proactive and conductive environment to the entire team.  She is very cognizant of the issues you face every day in growing your practice. With substantial industry expertise, Angela has been helping people and dental offices to find their “WOW” factor.

Angela is a member of:

National Association of Professional Women
American Association of Dental Office Managers
Society of Human Resources Management
American Dental Hygiene Association
Missouri Dental Hygiene Association
Greater St Louis Dental Hygiene Association
American Association of Oral Systemic Health

Let’s Make it Happen!

Contact Angela Pratt for a 60 minute complimentary practice assessment consultation.  She can be reached by phone at (314) 660-3783 or by e-mail at