Redundancy in the Workplace

During my first year of college, I noticed (mainly my mom) how expensive textbooks were because she paid for them. Most classes had homework software that you had to buy separately, not to mention how heavy they were to carry around. I thought to myself, their must be an easier way.

So, the following year, I persuaded my mother to buy my twin brother and I our own iPad’s. She agreed after we showed her how eBooks were a fraction of the cost of the traditional, hardbound textbooks. I thought to myself, it is redundant to buy both the hardcover book and electronic software that came with a eBook. After that, I only carried an iPad around to school while smiling and laughing at students who carried multiple textbooks around campus.

How does redundancy show up in the workplace? By having too many systems, not exploring them or using them to their full capacity. For example, any business may multiple systems, one that handles only sales, another for accounts receivable and accounts payable, a third for inventory, then have to take all of these numbers and key them into an accounting software like QuickBooks Online.

The best thing is to invest in one software or softwares that work with one another that you can customize and integrate. In a perfect world, when a sale happens, every system updates automatically (you can do this with a barcode system). This process will cut down on time and redundant data entry.

I am sure most people feel that they are up to date on all technology, but truthfully if you’re not researching new technology, you’re getting left behind – this applies to the workplace as well.

If you’re unsure if redundancy is an issue in your workplace or wondering how a better system may help you, please contact Ranell King at 314-576-1350 or

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