Smart Reporting or Dashboards

Let’s think of a world where everything you needed or cared to know about your business was in the palm of your hand. Maybe this is income, payroll expenses, or net income. Rather than looking at financial statements or certain month en numbers to figure this out, you could get this on a daily basis. The way this is done is by using accounting software that offers smart reporting or dashboards.

You may be thinking this is far fetched, but this is truly simpler to set up than you think and only involves changing a few processes. One way is by linking banks and credit cards to your accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online. This is helpful on QuickBooks Online because it is a cloud based system and you can access it anytime or anywhere. Another benefit is the level of integration that can be used with multiple platforms.

Lastly, you may have key metrics you want such as inventory, turnover, number of clients, credit card fees, or my personal favorite break even point. All of this can be customized to what you value most and what you find important enough to take quick glance at.

If you’re unsure how smart reporting or dashboards can change your business, please contact Ranell King at 314-576-1350 or

Ranell works in the Accounting Services department at BWTP. To read more about Ranell, click here.

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