Advances in Technology

Recently, I have noticed how much technology affects my life and how much different it used to be. For instance, I have never reconciled a checkbook and I rarely write checks. In less than one minute, I can pull up my banking app, place my thumb on my phone and I am looking at my bank balance. Every day I get in my car, and click two buttons and music is playing directly from my phone, no commercials and exactly what I want to listen to.

Technology has made advances in the workplace as well. There are multiple ways to use technology to help improve time management and decrease time needed to work on your finances. You can use your bank accounts and credit cards to record all transactions, you can import transactions into QuickBooks, utilize QuickBooks Online or any accounting software. This will eliminate the need to input checks manually, and use this method to keep track of records that might be kept in spreadsheets. Utilizing these methods will also allow anyone to have real time data and be able to look at your financial position quicker.

One of the biggest comments I hear from clients about technology is “We have always done it like this for years.” I like to respond by saying that almost everyone now has a cell phone and an email address these days, and those devices weren’t around years ago, but somehow this technology was embraced. At BWTP, we will work with you on using technology if you would like to make a change.

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