Maximizing Your Charitable Contributions

Here are some helpful points to consider when making charitable contributions to ensure you get the most for your contribution. Verify nonprofit status For charitable contributions to be deductible they must be made to qualified organizations. The organization must be recognized as a

Offering Discounts? It’s complicated!

Things were considerably different ten years ago when Marty opened Widget World. She was the only game in town, and online shopping was still somewhat novel. Since then, a competitor has moved into a nearby shopping center and e-commerce has more than doubled. Marty is under pressure

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Tax Time…

As 2014 winds down, consider some of the following suggestions for saving on your taxes — both this year and in 2015. Pay Fourth Quarter Estimated State Taxes Early Taxpayers who itemize on their federal returns may deduct any state income taxes paid during 2014. Paying fourth quarter

How to: Non-Profit Fundraising on the Web

The Internet has been a boon for nonprofit organizations. Charities hoping to raise awareness — and money — can now reach a worldwide audience with minimal expense. Just keep in mind that the same rules that apply to fundraising via traditional media apply to Internet fundraising. Ded

Good Intentions, Bad Tax Result

A recent Tax Court case* illustrates what can go wrong when taxpayers don’t have all the documentation required to support their deductions for charitable contributions. The case involves a couple who had made a series of cash donations totaling approximately $25,000 to a tax-exempt o